Ceramic Rapid Prototyping für die industrielle Anwendung

Erweiterte keramische Materialien machen Anwendungen möglich, die heute praktisch undenkbar waren erst gestern. Aufgrund ihrer einzigartigen Materialeigenschaften, technische Keramik als einer der effizientesten Materialien unserer Zeit sein.

XMCera quickly implements customer prototypes and production components and assemblies. Design engineering, material selection, advanced prototyping, component production, and assembly services are provided in a parallel-path, rapid-execution format to ensure the fastest possible delivery.

XMCera complies with internationally recognized manufacturing and quality standards ISO-9001:2015. 

Our experienced design engineering teams stand ready to help you develop and prototype your idea — drawing from over a century of manufacturing experience. XMCera is dedicated to helping you optimize your concept and rapidly produce quality prototypes to help create innovative solutions.

        Your Partner in Ceramic Prototype and Serial Manufacturing

        Prototypes within just 2 weeks!

        Rapid Prototyping using single-stage manufacturing at XMCera.

Advantanges of Ceramics Rapid Prototyping

  • Max. 2 weeks delivery time

  • Reliable transmission of data in CAD/CAM machining also for 3D and free geometries

  • Precision machining using CNC milling machines

  • Prototype and serial with the same material properties

  • Components with engineering tolerances, ready for installation.

ceramic rapid prototyping

Materials for Rapid Prototyping

  • Ceramics

    Advanced ceramic materials make applications possible today that were virtually inconceivable just yesterday. Due to their unique material properties, technical ceramics are considered to be one of the most efficient materials of our time.

    XMCera offers:

    • Alumina

    • Aluminum Nitride

    • Machinable Glass Ceramics

    • Zirconia

    • Zirconia Toughned Alumina

    • Silicon Nitride

    • Silicon Carbide

    • Ultra-Hard Materials etc

      aluminum rapid prototyping

  • Aluminum

    Aluminum offers a cost effective option for a wide range of industries and applications, including medical, robotics, aerospace, and automotive.

    • Corrosion resistant

    • High strength-to-weight ratio

    • Strength increases at subzero temperatures

    • Better electrical conductivity than copper

    • Holds paint well

    XMCera offers:

    • ALUMINUM 6061

    • ALUMINUM 7075

  • Stainless Steel

    The chromium in stainless steel forms an invisible layer that protects stainless steel parts from water and air. If the surface is scratched, this outer layer rebuilds itself, making stainless steel rust-proof.

    • Corrosion resistant

    • Excellent durability

    • Self repairing surface

    XMCera offers:

    • 303

    • 304

    • 316

    • 416

XMCera provides all common manufacturing methods to ensure economic serial production.An experienced team of innovative application and production specialists supports you to obtain the best possible component design.

XMCera bietet:

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